Sony Advancement: New Laser Diode For More Blu-ray Disc Storage

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Sony Blu-ray Laser 400mW SLD3237VF

Recently Sony announced an important breakthrough it engineered for the future of Blu-ray technology: the first commercial 400mW blue-violet laser known as SLD3237VF.

This laser has a higher performance factor than previous counterparts, enabling triple and quadruple layers for recording that would hold up to 128 gigabytes on each BD as opposed to the standard 25 gigabytes or 50 gigabytes. Furthermore, recording speeds could average 8x to 12x speeds.

While the laser diode’s multi-layer BDXL specification will not be compatible with older players, the new SLD3237VF will be versatile in the use of more prisms and lenses. This will allow for more capabilities in electronic hardware design. According to one article, the flexibility of the optical unit may also drop costs. In addition to affordability, the implementation of this kind of blue laser makes it easier when it comes to future equipment upgrades.

The blue laser diode can function within temperatures ranging between 0 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and are supported by a package with a diameter of 5.6 millimeters.

Sony is also in the process of fine-tuning an increased optical output level to minimize catastrophic optical damage (COD) by improving the crystal quality of its gallium nitride and prevent the laser’s heat from damaging the end face of the laser resonator.

In 2009, competitor Sharp announced it had an even higher capacity blue-violet laser at 500mW and planned to ship the diodes later this year—a debut to the commercial market that remains to be seen.

Thoughts on the new Sony blue laser? Weigh in below.

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