Billions of Dollars Boost 2010 Blu-ray Sales

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Blu-ray (BD) Sales Boost 2010

The latest statistics on home entertainment reveal that Blu-ray and digital distribution are saving graces in an otherwise dreary market. Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) revealed strong spending trends for the high-def format.

Consumers forked out approximately $1 billion for BD software in the first three quarters of the year, which calculates to an 80 percent increase in sales compared to the same quarters in 2009. Its hardware sales brought the industry more glowing numbers. Three million BD players sold from January to September, an astounding year over year increase of 104 percent. The sale of Blu-ray discs reached 98 million, a more than 57 percent increase from last year.

The President of Warner Home Video asserted, “Blu-ray continues to show strong growth in every category, new release packaged media sell-through is up, and digital distribution is gaining significant momentum as we move into the fourth quarter.”

Not surprisingly, digital distribution also fared well. Video-on-demand experienced a 20 percent increase of $1.2 billion and electronic sell-through spiked 37 percent with an overall combined growth of 23 percent. While entertainment spending took a slight dip, Blu-ray and even DVD kiosk rental revenue jumped 55 percent.

Nonetheless, the overall Blu-ray figures are encouraging for both businesses and consumers. It shows businesses that there is still a great demand for the HD media and it also suggests that a further mainstream adoption of Blu-ray could give customers a broader choice in movie titles. This expanded selection would only help Blu-ray’s appeal span multiple demographics. With 53 million HDTVs now in homes across America, content to match the image capabilities is only bound to follow.

Even more intriguing, the numbers suggest that there exists a place for both Blu-ray and digital streaming in the hearts of home entertainment users, despite the ongoing controversy they are in direct competition. It’s a seemingly polarizing partnership that in the coming years might actually combine for an overall better media experience.

Digital Entertainment Group tracks its data with the help of retailers and industry players involved in the association.

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