Warner Bros. Releases 50 Film Box Set on Blu-ray

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warner-bros-best-of-50-film-blu-ray-box-setFounded in 1923, Warner Brothers is one of the world’s oldest and largest movie studios. Their films have entertained and delighted audiences for generations, and have also been recognized in the film industry with numerous awards.

Now, Warner Brothers have announced a special “Best of Warner Brothers” Blu-ray box set that will contain 50 of their most outstanding movies. This collection of movies comes in  special “book style” premium packaging and comes on a total of 52 discs.

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Million Year Storage Discs? Not Likely

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Within the past week, I have seen two stories in the news about super long life optical discs. One source referred to them as “million year storage disks” while the other quoted the stretch goal of a “1 billion year” disc.

Both articles are referring to a research paper which was recently published by the University of Twente (in the Netherlands). In the paper, doctoral student and researcher Jeroen de Vries explains an experiment he has done which could theoretically result in a disc with a million-year lifespan.

This post is not an attack on Jeroen’s work – it looks solid. My issue is with the idea that any physical storage medium – particularly an electronic one – would be usable one million years from now. That is just absurd.

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Graphene Discs Innovative Use For Safe Storage

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Even with the rise of USB flash drives, discs have not been rendered obsolete. With their compatibility with a wide array of devices and high storage limits, disc technology is being contributed to rather than being abandoned for other pursuits.  However, a common gripe about discs is when they are mishandled or broken. Once a disc is scratched or broken in pieces, the data it contained is lost forever. Although USB flash drives are not indestructible, they are not as sensitive as discs and often have some sort of protective casing to which they are attached to. More often than not, the only protection that discs have are the casing that they are taken out of when used and have to rely on human diligence.

To contribute to the research and technology on discs and providing ways for their shortfalls to be addressed, researchers from the Swinburne University of Techology in Australia have demonstrated a new potential of discs which directly addresses this issue. A study by researchers Xiangping Li, Qiming Zhang, Xi Chen and Professor Min Gu have utilized a graphene oxide polymer composite which can contain holographic coding.

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Britain Gets Netflix with Service Added to Virgin Media UK TV

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Despite the hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows available for us, there are still times when we think nothing is good enough. We still find ourselves looking for more options, more shows, and more films. You have a 40-inch flat screen but you can’t watch anything nice. You have subscribed to Netflix but your laptop screen makes it hard for you to watch the movie. You have a set-up box for your cable though and how you wish you can make better use of it. Some of our folks in the UK have been struggling with this problem for some time. Fortunately, here comes the answer to their prayers.

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Pioneer’s Ultra-Thin Blu-ray Drive and Burner

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Ultra-thin laptops are so portable that you can bring them with you anywhere you go. Unfortunately, while they provide utmost convenience, they do not provide you with everything you want. While they have just enough USB ports for plugging in your USB devices, they lack an essential part – a built-in optical drive. As a result, you don’t get to play your favorite CD, watch your favorite movie on DVD or save your files conveniently on optical disc. That means if you are in an 8-hour train drive, you can’t really use the time to watch films or TV series to kill time.

You could of course use an external drive for that. But that means you’d have to sacrifice on of your USB port which you may need to use for something else. How you wish you could make use of a wireless external drive instead, right? Good thing an international brand in electronics manufacturing has come up with an idea to deal with this issue.

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